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I am a qualified counsellor and member of the BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy).

I have trained in person-centred/humanistic counselling and undertake regular CPD (Continuing Professional Development) alongside regular supervision, which enhances and adds to my work, ensuring I am always working ethically and in the best way possible for all of my clients.

My focus is on building a relationship in which you feel at ease and safe to talk about whatever is on your mind. I will never judge what you bring to sessions and work in a way that follows your lead and at a pace that suits you, incorporating all of my training and human experience to my work in a way that is unique to you, and what you need.


I have experience working with the following:

  • Neurodivergence

  • Relationship difficulties

  • Depression and Anxiety

  • Grief

  • Low self-esteem/self-worth

  • Difficulty in recognising, expressing or regulating emotions

  • Adverse childhood experiences

  • Difficult life experiences and everyday problems

This list is not exhaustive of my experience, often there is a complex range of things that bring us to counselling, we may be lacking motivation or direction or maybe we just need a space where we can figure out what we want, what makes us tick.

I have an interest and experience in working with Neurodivergence,  most commonly (though not limited to) Autism and ADHD.

I understand the ways in which counselling may look and feel different and I work with each individual to find the ways that suit them best. Whether diagnosed, self-diagnosed or questioning, I take an affirmative, holistic approach and offer a supportive and safe environment in which to explore each persons experience from an ND lens. 


I offer online counselling via zoom, telephone or face to face counselling in a peaceful therapy room in West Malling.

I understand just how difficult it can be to choose a counsellor or therapist. The list seems endless and it’s hard to work out who will be the best fit for you sometimes isn’t it? 

That’s why I offer a free consultation that gives you a chance to get a feel for whether I am the right counsellor for you. These consultations can be face to face in my therapy room in West Malling, online, or on the phone and are usually about 15-20 minutes long. I’ll ask you a few questions about what brings you to counselling and I’ll explain how we might work together. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask me any questions you have so that you can make an informed decision on booking further sessions.

Use the contact form below to schedule your free consultation!



If you'd like to book your free consultation or find out more about how I can help, please use the contact box or email me and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


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